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    Bald Is Beautiful: A Letter For a Fabulous Girl

    So, Bookworms… I have something different for you today. Most of my book reviews have been Adult, YA, and NA in various fictional genres. Today we will be venturing into a children’s picture book! Bald Is Beautiful: A Letter For a Fabulous Girl is written by Carola Schmidt and illustrated by Dian Ovieta. It gives support to little girls who are going or already have gone bald due to illness, genetics, etc. It’s a love letter of support in the simplest forms of a picture book. It doesn’t hit you with words that are hard to understand but rather uplifts you into understanding you aren’t any different from anyone else…

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    Bed of Roses Author Meet

    Much later at posting this than intended but I’ve been in hardcore study mode… It has been a never ending heatwave with unbearable temps but it finally included a not so hot breeze. And a shopping trip out of town with my Mother included a stop at Books-A-Million. Win! The current book haul from Books-A-Million was a very special one as it included meeting an author and getting a book signed! A Bed of Roses by Ann Marie Jameson is the first book in the Willow Rose series. The series and the author are new to me. The description alone makes me want to see this become a Lifetime movie.…

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    Stand Up To Cancer’s August Streaming Event

    First time posting in a long while… If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter/X then you know I wanted to take part in Stand Up To Cancer’s (SU2C) big streaming event in August but my internet service failed me. For those of you that don’t already know, the streaming event for SU2C is held each year in August. Gamers of all kinds come together with the same goals in mind. To stand up to cancer, to stand for up those affected by cancer, and to raise funds for cancer research! Who do you stand up for? Stand Up To Cancer’s mission is to get new treatments to patients faster.…

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    Most Popular Posts of 2022

    Twenty-twenty-two was a roller coaster ride for so many. Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak it seems like most of us can’t catch a break. Remember last year’s post Most Popular Post of All Time? Let’s wrap things up for 2022 and take a look at the most popular posts for the year! In no particular order, here are the top five posts of 2022!

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    Elderly Techie Criticism

    So, many gens seem to be giving a lot of hate toward older (some would say elderly) people for not understanding current technology (such as social media, various mobile apps, computers, etc.). I’m guilty of getting annoyed in the past as well. Dealing with so many customers at work that aren’t tech savvy (different ages, not just older ages!) taught me a very valuable lesson. Growing up with modern technology and not growing up with modern technology makes a huge difference in understanding it. If we don’t teach those who don’t understand it then how can we expect them to understand it? What age is considered elderly? People are living…

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    2022 Empties Dump

    It’s that time of the year again! The infamous yearly dump of empties post from so many bloggers, including myself. Empties posts are kind of like hitting the Best Sellers filter on some retail websites. It’s not what has the most top rated reviews but rather what people buy the most. In this case, it’s all about what products were thoroughly used until the containers became empty. It’s been a while since a yearly review of empties was posted. Remember the 2020 Self Care Empties post? Have a favorite empty? Drop a comment below or use #JustJenna on your favorite social platform!

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    Halloween Checklist

    Halloween is next Monday! Doesn’t it feel like October (and 2022) has come and gone? It feels like an episode of The Flash took place! Some people are planning parties and some people are hanging back due to covid and other reasons. So, with that in mind here are a few things you might need to remember to do for the most popular day of Spooky Season. Carve and or paint your pumpkins Self care before the spookiness begins Have kids? Compile a list of kid friendly food, costumes, and events. Don’t forget the food Get your reading in, Bookworms Prime member? Grab your last minute costumes and accessories on…

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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Debut

    How many remakes can they possibly create for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ? It’s easy to lose count! Netflix debuted their very own Texas Chainsaw Massacre film on February 18th, 2022. It’s the ninth installment of the franchise. Netflix Only films can be either a big hit or a big miss. Was this a hit or a miss? After 48 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town. Source: IMDB A character from the past also returns, which could be a shock point since it is a Netflix Only film. Many of the remakes…

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    Light Pucks Are a Win!

    Ready for something simple, possibly a little non-budget friendly but completely worth the investment? Energizer makes puck lights that are battery (AAA) powered and operated with a remote. Ever had a remote for battery powered “candles”? The remote is similar to that! The remote features buttons that include a dimming option and timer. Note: Timer is optional. The amount of light that one puck light ignites is enough to light up a very small room but also isn’t harsh on the eyes. Not enough light? No problem, just toss another puck in the room! The lights are available in white and color changing. The round puck lights are small, think…

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    Pelican Nutrition and Shark Week

    Hey Followers! It’s been a long time since posting due to crazy long work hours and trying to put a focus on some health issues. Sad times, indeed. My Coach/friend has been amazing and I’ll update you all on it later. Enough about my dramatic life, though! It’s time for the latest and greatest small business nestled in LaPlace, LA. – Pelican Nutrition. Shoutout to Anthony and Ann for being awesome people! Pelican Nutrition is the healthy tea version of Baskin Robbins… think 31 flavors of the tea world. There are so many different flavors with a lot of unique names to try! Have allergies or are on a special…