Missy’s Top Three Jerky Treats

Let’s face it, we drop more money than necessary on our pets because they’re our babies. Between the treats and the toys (and so much more), it’s enough to ask your Boss for a raise. When your Boss inquires about the reason for such raise, simply inform him or her that without such raise your pet will starve as it needs a life of luxury. Kidding, of course, don’t start that conversation! It can only lead to living in a cardboard box. All jokes aside, times are tough but we try our best to keep our pets happy and well fed. Missy’s favorite treats consist of jerky and more jerky. To help us figure out what her favorite jerky treats are she has blessed us with a letter. Dear Hoomans, Jenna refuses to try my favorite jerky treats. So, I will help her delicate hooman taste buds out by telling you all what my favorite jerky treats are. Wag Jerky Chicken & Flaxseed is what she has been feeding me. She told me times are tough and money is tight so we need to budget more. I did not like this idea *woof*! Jenna can be too tight with our money sometimes. Tight wad. Wag Jerky Chicken & Flaxseed wasn’t as bad as it sounded and now I love it! Dogswell Skin & Coat Jerky Treat Salmon was surprisingly good. Jenna cringes every time she opens the bag. Don’t worry, though, I always lay the salmon breath in her face after I’m done eating it. She dreams of chasing me down with toothpaste but I wag my tail and give her the cute puppy eyes *grins*. How can any hooman resist this cute face? Full Moon Natural Cut Chicken Jerky is my most favorite jerky! My mouth is salivating at the thought of it. Jenna bought it because of the ingredients and her obsession with that thing in the night sky that you hoomans call a moon *rolls eyes*. I’m on my best behavior when I think she might be less of a tight wad and buy these for me. Please send all of your dog babies to me and I will teach them the way. Sincerely, The Best Dog Ever, Missy *woof* If only our pets really could write us letters… the stories they could tell! What do you think your pet would say if they could write a letter to you? There are so many treats of all kinds for dogs and other pets alike! What are some of your pet’s favorite treats? Like what you’re reading so far? Subscribe and Follow: Just Jenna