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Stand Up To Cancer’s August Streaming Event

First time posting in a long while…

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter/X then you know I wanted to take part in Stand Up To Cancer’s (SU2C) big streaming event in August but my internet service failed me. For those of you that don’t already know, the streaming event for SU2C is held each year in August. Gamers of all kinds come together with the same goals in mind. To stand up to cancer, to stand for up those affected by cancer, and to raise funds for cancer research! Who do you stand up for?

Stand Up To Cancer’s mission is to get new treatments to patients faster. 100% of donations received from the public support Stand Up To Cancer’s collaborative cancer research programs.

This year was epic. So many streamers and influencers raised a very large amount of money. There were newcomers to the event as well as those who have been taking part for years. I met a lot of people because of this event, some indirectly.

Every single person made a difference in August. Donators, supporters, streamers, influencers and many more. Everyone behind the scenes of SU2C is doing an amazing job. Also, shout out to Andy for all of his hard work with SU2C! He is a great human being and manages to pull so much together for such a great cause (no idea how he does it all). On behalf of everyone on the Discord server for SU2C, we appreciate you!

Want to learn more about SU2C? Click here.
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Want to join the SU2C Discord server? Click here.

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