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Hashimoto’s Reality

Hypothyroidism is no joke. It needs to be treated as soon as possible before it gets out of hand.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my 20s. Fast forward to my 30s, hashimoto’s disease has now been disagnosed due to high TPO Antibodies. I was never checked for hashimoto’s until recently so I don’t know how long it’s been having a party in this body.

Getting blood tests done and having a feeling of knowing that something is wrong is bad enough. Finding out that your own body is attacking its self is earth shattering. The day I got my results I understood why so many people have emotional breakdowns when being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. A lot of people in my family have hypothyroidism but not hashimoto’s.

Real talk?

Everyone suffers with various symptoms from hashimotos. My energy levels are down to the ground. My muscles are depleting and everything hurts all of the time, including doing something as simple as sitting/laying on the bed. Memory and being able to focus are an issue. Headaches are there more often than not. Dry skin with puffy face/eyes. Weight gain continues to go up. Just to name a few symptoms, hah. The medicine that I’m currently taking doesn’t seem to be helping or is the wrong dosage. The fear of future blood tests results showing an increase in TPO antibodies or worse, the results are normal. Either of those outcomes are much too common for people with autoimmune diseases (bad or normal results).

Invisible Illness

Typical responses from people about your condition are… “Get on birth control”“Find a pill you can take”“You’re not taking care of yourself”“It’s part of being female”“You’re not yourself. Wake up” and let’s not forget… “It’s not that bad. It’s all in your head”… and many more. The truth is most don’t understand unless they have the issues themselves. If it can’t physically be seen then it must not exist, right? Wrong. Too many people lack compassion when it comes to health unless it’s their own or it can physically be seen.

No one can advocate for you better than yourself. Talk to your Doctor, do your research, and get a second opinion if you have to. Most importantly… don’t give up! Sometimes it can feel like you’re screaming but no one is listening. Go against the odds, and don’t give up!


This post is not to give medical advice and or replace medical advice. All symptoms listed are my own symptoms. Opinions are mine alone. As always, talk to your Doctor about any of your health concerns.

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