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New Year, New Posts

The blog is going to be getting a revamp, starting with posts. So, for the next couple of months there will be a series of different types of posts to see what does better (Thanks Anjali! Lol).

February is the month for Valentines. Ironically, drinking out of a pink and purple cup (Thanks Work Mom, Sally!) while typing this. I don’t get into the holiday much but watching people scramble last minute for flowers and candy can be highly entertaining! Plus… discount chocolate day is a win… enough said!

Not Another Valentine’s Day Post!

So, what’s happening on the blog in February? There will be a series of makeup and or skincare tips on Tuesdays. If there is enough time there will be a bonus post or two. Be on the lookout February 6th for the first post in the series as the eyes have it!

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