Hey Everyone! My name is Jenna. I am a bookworm by nature and have too many hobbies to count. My furball’s name is Missy, though I call her Piglet because she likes to eat so much! My forever love of writing is how all of my blogs, past and present, were created. The trend of blogging rises and falls but I will always be here.

This blog started out as any other book blog then morphed into a blog for a book club that I ran… Insomnia Book Club. Apart from being a blog for the book club I also did author interviews. Eventually Insomnia Book Club came to a close due to not having time to care for the blog because of some real life issues. Fast forward to the present… I left Blogger and started hosting my own blog, thus, Just Jenna was born.

By day I currently work in marketing. Fridays are officially Frozen Coffee Fridays! On those rare days when it’s too cold for frozen coffee or when the mood strikes… Hello Latte. By night I am a Blogger and Netflix Geek among any projects that I’m currently working on.

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