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Go-To Conditioner For Blondies

Bleaching your hair, especially if you have naturally dark hair, has it’s pros and cons. The biggest con that most blondies complain about is the damage that bleaching their hair creates. Dry, straw-like, rubberband breakage, and how weak the hair becomes. These problems require some intensive hair workouts and muscle building!

Bleached hair is very high maintenance. Can you still bleach your hair and be a low maintenance person? The answer, yes! A satin pillowcase to sleep on and the correct conditioner are the key.

Everyone has different hair types, so while some conditioners won’t work for some they will work for others. I have tried an endless amount of conditioners for bleached hair. My hair is very fine and thin, so those of you who deal with this hair type know the struggle is real! My go-to conditioner was always one from Zotos 180Pro, however, I’m no longer able to find it.

Olaplex has been raved about throughout social media for a while now. After reaching for the bleach I decided to give their conditioner, Olaplex No. 5, a try. At first it’s like a facial for your hair if your hair had a face. 1 – 2 weeks later and it’s like a time machine for your hair except better! In the time that I’ve been using this conditioner my hair is in better shape than before I bleached it. Whatever magic the Olaplex Witches created… please, please don’t stop! I highly recommend Olaplex No. 5 to faux blondies and anyone with hair struggles. Olaplex might have me keeping this blond hair for a while longer.

There is quite a sticker shock when purchasing Olaplex No. 5. The good news is Sephora sells a travel size bottle!

Have you tried any products by Olaplex? If so, what are your thoughts? What is your favorite conditioner (or any other product!) to maintain healthy hair?

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