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    Most Popular Posts of 2022

    Twenty-twenty-two was a roller coaster ride for so many. Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak it seems like most of us can’t catch a break. Remember last year’s post Most Popular Post of All Time? Let’s wrap things up for 2022 and take a look at the most popular posts for the year! In no particular order, here are the top five posts of 2022!

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    Elderly Techie Criticism

    So, many gens seem to be giving a lot of hate toward older (some would say elderly) people for not understanding current technology (such as social media, various mobile apps, computers, etc.). I’m guilty of getting annoyed in the past as well. Dealing with so many customers at work that aren’t tech savvy (different ages, not just older ages!) taught me a very valuable lesson. Growing up with modern technology and not growing up with modern technology makes a huge difference in understanding it. If we don’t teach those who don’t understand it then how can we expect them to understand it? What age is considered elderly? People are living…

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    Light Pucks Are a Win!

    Ready for something simple, possibly a little non-budget friendly but completely worth the investment? Energizer makes puck lights that are battery (AAA) powered and operated with a remote. Ever had a remote for battery powered “candles”? The remote is similar to that! The remote features buttons that include a dimming option and timer. Note: Timer is optional. The amount of light that one puck light ignites is enough to light up a very small room but also isn’t harsh on the eyes. Not enough light? No problem, just toss another puck in the room! The lights are available in white and color changing. The round puck lights are small, think…

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    Budgeting Tips In 2022

    Times are tough right now. Everyone is feeling it, whether you were broke or rich before the inflation, everyone is feeling it. Time to start budgeting! Here are a few tips to attempting to survive during these tough times of inflation. Create a list for grocery shopping and don’t swerve off course. Shop sales and mark downs. Don’t buy more food than you and or your family will eat before the mold starts growing… creating a home for its family and friends… next thing you know it’s a village of mold and all of it’s moldy soldiers! Unsubscribe from as many subscription services as possible. They aren’t a necessity. If…

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    Lawrence Zarian Podcast

    Lawrence Zarian is well known for many things. His talent as a stylist (no matter the size), his career in entertainment, and his humble personality to name a few. He has done many projects but his most recent one is a podcast. You Are Beautiful is a podcast that features someone new each week. LZ (Lawrence Zarian) interviews guests from different walks of life. The interviews are more like meaningful and mentally educational conversations. The purpose of You are Beautiful is to ask people what makes them feel beautiful. Digging deeper into humanity with what makes us who we are as individuals… and feeling beautiful from the inside as well…

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    Missy’s Top Three Jerky Treats

    Let’s face it, we drop more money than necessary on our pets because they’re our babies. Between the treats and the toys (and so much more), it’s enough to ask your Boss for a raise. When your Boss inquires about the reason for such raise, simply inform him or her that without such raise your pet will starve as it needs a life of luxury. Kidding, of course, don’t start that conversation! It can only lead to living in a cardboard box. All jokes aside, times are tough but we try our best to keep our pets happy and well fed. Missy’s favorite treats consist of jerky and more jerky.…

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    St. John: Group Homes and Halfway Houses

    Group homes and halfway houses can be good or bad, pending how they are run and whether or not the homes/houses cause outside trouble. If you live in St. John the Baptist Parish you might have noticed a lot of community issues as of late. Some community issues include that of group homes and or halfway houses of the bad kind. Complaints are being made but changes can’t be seen. One question remains, is St. John the Baptist Parish not handling the issues or is the State not handling the issues? If the issues are being handled but the issues are becoming increasingly worse… what needs to be done? Due…

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    Desktop and Laptop Quality Has Gone Downhill

    Hey Techies, have you been feeling the heat and complications of current laptops and desktops? I always purchase HP laptops because in the long run it’s been more budget friendly for higher customizable specs during “good” sales. However, in recent years I’ve noticed a big downgrade in quality for not only HP but other brands as well. Laptops are much thinner and lighter. With the lightness also comes poorly constructed cases that damage easily and screws that don’t stay in place sometimes. Let’s not forget the fact that you can’t easily swap out batteries like once before. The pin inside of the laptop for the charger is also so thin…

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    Covid-19 and Politics: The Great Divide

    Covid-19 has been around for a long time at this point with no intentions of disappearing any time soon. It has caused many arguments between people. Political issues have been around indefinitely with no intentions of disappearing any time soon. It has also caused many arguments between people. Not to mention the media has played a huge part on both of those topics. Is the media good or bad? Note: Everything is strictly opinionated. Covid-19 and political issues over recent years has created a great divide between most people. Are you Democrat? Are you Republican? Do you agree with my beliefs? Are you vaccinated? Are you not vaccinated? Do you…

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    The Dazzling Blogger Award

    This is a first for me and exciting to say the least! Mind. Beauty. Simplicity nominated me for The Dazzling Blogger Award… a very big shout out and thank you to her! Be sure to give her a follow. Onto the rules now… Rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you for The Dazzling Blogger Award. 2. Link back to the original blog post. 3. Answer the seven questions that they asked in their blog post. 4. Make up seven new questions. 5. Nominate seven more people for The Dazzling Blogger Award, who you think exemplifies excellent blogging skills. How is your blogging journey going so far? I have been blogging…