Desktop and Laptop Quality Has Gone Downhill

    Hey Techies, have you been feeling the heat and complications of current laptops and desktops? I always purchase HP laptops because in the long run it’s been more budget friendly for higher customizable specs during “good” sales. However, in recent years I’ve noticed a big downgrade in quality for not only HP but other brands as well. Laptops are much thinner and lighter. With the lightness also comes poorly constructed cases that damage easily and screws that don’t stay in place sometimes. Let’s not forget the fact that you can’t easily swap out batteries like once before. The pin inside of the laptop for the charger is also so thin…

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    Covid-19 and Politics: The Great Divide

    Covid-19 has been around for a long time at this point with no intentions of disappearing any time soon. It has caused many arguments between people. Political issues have been around indefinitely with no intentions of disappearing any time soon. It has also caused many arguments between people. Not to mention the media has played a huge part on both of those topics. Is the media good or bad? Note: Everything is strictly opinionated. Covid-19 and political issues over recent years has created a great divide between most people. Are you Democrat? Are you Republican? Do you agree with my beliefs? Are you vaccinated? Are you not vaccinated? Do you…

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    The Dazzling Blogger Award

    This is a first for me and exciting to say the least! Mind. Beauty. Simplicity nominated me for The Dazzling Blogger Award… a very big shout out and thank you to her! Be sure to give her a follow. Onto the rules now… Rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you for The Dazzling Blogger Award. 2. Link back to the original blog post. 3. Answer the seven questions that they asked in their blog post. 4. Make up seven new questions. 5. Nominate seven more people for The Dazzling Blogger Award, who you think exemplifies excellent blogging skills. How is your blogging journey going so far? I have been blogging…

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    How Many Followers Is Enough

    Shout out to Joey Thurman for inspiring this post! Great all around person and fitness guru. Be sure to give him a follow! Many people struggle with getting a large fan following, whether it be on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Some feel that if an account doesn’t have at least 10,000 followers then it isn’t a good account. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that there are many amazing accounts out there will a small fan base. Those with a small fan base haven’t reached “celebrity status” but have a lot of loyal followers. My Instagram account has close to 400 people following with some…

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    St. John the Baptist Drainage Side Effect

    St. John the Baptist parish is working on creating better drainage due to flooding issues. Lately flooding has been taking place with typical Louisiana rain storms as opposed to Hurricane weather, which is experienced constantly in the deep southern states. According to an article on sjbparish.gov, weather permitting, the drainage project should have a timeline of 4 to 6 months from start to finish (source).  There is an issue, however, that is concerning quite a few residents. As heavy machinery withdraws dirt and debris from the canals the dirt is spilling into many backyards. The dirt is dumped on the ground behind multiple backyards, creating a mountain of mud that…

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    Preakness Surprise

    This is the first year that I actually paid attention to the Kentucky Derby, etc. and placed bets. The first round didn’t work out so well for me. The second round almost ended well. I bet on Rombauer. Seeing him speed past Midnight Bourbon and Medina Spirit was a thrill and threw me out of my seat when he was so far behind! I’m so happy for Rombauer but my bet on Rombauer was an exacta box bet, which means it didn’t work out for me winning anything. Epic fail! Up next is Belmont. We are about 3 weeks away from the final race(s) of this once a year event.…

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    Ten Mishaps During Covid Quarantine

    Covid-19 isn’t fun and we can talk about symptoms, what people are doing and aren’t doing, treatments and long term issues until we are blue in the face. How about something to lighten that “covid mood”? Here is a list of 10 awful yet amusing things that have happened to me while dealing with covid. In an attempt to stay away from anyone else in the house I washed my covid clothes at night. Unfortunately, that also resulted in some clothes being dyed dark blue. Isolating to one room is often the best thing to do when infected with covid. However, a power strip that is full of electronics plugged…

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    Help Locate Shooter – New Orleans, LA.

    April 26th, 2021 was a brutal day for shootings in New Orleans, LA. One shooting in particular is brought to attention. It took place in the evening on the 2200 block of Bartholomew Street. It was still daylight when a perpetrator shot the victim and fled the scene of the crime. The victim passed away but the shooter is still out there somewhere. New Orleans Police Department has obtained a warrant for the arrest of the perpetrator, Mikael Nelson, for second-degree murder. A second-degree murder can be intentional or reckless and occur at the spur of the moment. According to NOPD News, Mikael Nelson is a black male born on…

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    Sharing Is Caring

    It’s Friday again! Seems like Friday’s are for short posts these days. In light of that here is another short Friday read! Just a quick update for my followers and newcomers alike. There is now a new page on the website that has links to all of my favorite products that have been tried and shared on Instagram. You can find the page by hovering or tapping (for touch screens) on the “About Just Jenna” tab at the top right hand corner of any page on the website and clicking/tapping on “Favorite Products” in the drop down menu. You can also click/tap here! Have a great weekend!

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    Room 217

    It’s FriYay! So, today’s post will be short and sweet. The end of the week is here and our brains are overloaded as they turn to mush from working all week. Shout out to the people working hours beyond 9 to 5! If you enjoy podcasts or are looking for more to follow be sure to check out Room 217. My good friend, and talented author, David Dugas Jr. and his Wife Erica started their own podcast. David and Erica talk about their favorite horror movies and TV shows with a few bonus off topic tidbits here and there. I added Room 217 to my list on Spotify so I…