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    2022 Empties Dump

    It’s that time of the year again! The infamous yearly dump of empties post from so many bloggers, including myself. Empties posts are kind of like hitting the Best Sellers filter on some retail websites. It’s not what has the most top rated reviews but rather what people buy the most. In this case, it’s all about what products were thoroughly used until the containers became empty. It’s been a while since a yearly review of empties was posted. Remember the 2020 Self Care Empties post? Have a favorite empty? Drop a comment below or use #JustJenna on your favorite social platform!

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    What Sunscreens I’m Using In 2022

    Fellow Mermaids, it is time to unite! Summer is coming up, so it’s time to share your favorite sunscreens for this year! Having a lighter skin tone, burning easily, AND having sensitive skin is not the best combo for sunscreen. I’ve tried so many different brands and continue to try new brands that I come across. So, for 2022, here are my favorite sunscreens so far (if I come across a new favorite then I’ll be sure to share it on Instagram)! Sun Bum Sunscreen Lotion Sun Bum Roll-On Lotion Sun Bum Face Stick (notice a theme here?) Australian Gold Botanical Spray Cotz Face Prime & Protect Non-Tinted Mineral Sunscreen…

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    Go-To Conditioner For Blondies

    Bleaching your hair, especially if you have naturally dark hair, has it’s pros and cons. The biggest con that most blondies complain about is the damage that bleaching their hair creates. Dry, straw-like, rubberband breakage, and how weak the hair becomes. These problems require some intensive hair workouts and muscle building! Bleached hair is very high maintenance. Can you still bleach your hair and be a low maintenance person? The answer, yes! A satin pillowcase to sleep on and the correct conditioner are the key. Everyone has different hair types, so while some conditioners won’t work for some they will work for others. I have tried an endless amount of…

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    G & G Hair Designs Reopens

    Happy Friday, Followers! For Follow Friday, here is a little shout out to G & G Hair Designs! Give them a follow! As most of you already know, Hurricane Ida swept through and hit the small town of St. John hard. Due to the excessive amount of damage some businesses chose to close down, some are rebuilding and some have relocated. G & G Hair designs is one of the latter. It is now nestled in the business district along Belle Terre. G & G Hair Designs is a Paul Mitchell focus hair salon. They offer a variety of services for both genders. For a complete list of services offered…

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    Spooktober Skincare

    Sometimes the days feel like a whip is being cracked and it will never end. Exhaustion from work doesn’t ease up and you still have to deal with responsibilities after work. Adulting is not for the light hearted. We treat ourselves with something sweet for dealing with the mayhem of daily life, ironically doing harm to our bodies. Time for some actual self-care! Pumpkin Bumpkin It’s without a doubt pumpkin season! Jessica Jade has a recipe for a pumpkin and glycolic face mask. Most skincare enthusiasts know that pumpkin and glycolic acid have incredible skin benefits. Pumpkin helps with collagen production and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin &…

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    2020 Self Care Empties

    Last but not least post related to 2020! Compiled below is a list of my self care empties for 2020. If you have a favorite empty that you would like to share be sure to tag Just Jenna on Instagram or use #JustJenna. Native Deodorant Sensitive Cotton & Lily – Native’s deodorant is amazing for sensitive skin. It doesn’t have a lot of the unclean ingredients. It also didn’t cause a skin reaction that a lot of people talk about when switching from a deodorant that is bogged down with bad ingredients. Cake Thickening Volume Shampoo – Created in Canada, Cake’s shampoo is on my clean list of products that…

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    Hair Lifting Magic

    Most people have experienced flat hair at some point in their life. Fine, thin and thinning haired people nearly live the flat hair life. What do you do when hair remains flat no matter how many times you wash it, etc.? Enter the magic of root lifting/hair thickening products. I have tried a few different products in the past but gave up on them because they didn’t seem to work… until a little bottle entered my life as a hand-me-down. It sat in the bathroom cabinet for a while until one day I finally decided to use it. It was easy to use, simply spray on towel-dried hair and go,…