Another Way to Share Books – Book Crossing

Hey there, Bookworms,

Sometimes we need to make space for books in our homes and sometimes we’re just looking to get rid of books that we no longer want or didn’t like. A good way of doing just that is through a website called Book Crossing. It isn’t an old website at all but for those of you who don’t know about it I thought I would share the website with you all.

Book Crossing isn’t just a way of sharing books with others but also a way of seeing how far they travel as well. It’s pretty simple to do. Whether you create a label or just make a note to stick inside the book that you “release into the wild (in other words, placing the book in a completely random place)” make sure the label or note has the book’s special number on it. When someone finds it they can then go onto Book Crossing’s website and mark that it was found. If and when they decide to get rid of the book they will do the same thing that you did. You can watch it travel around via the website. For all of the complete details check out Book Crossing’s About Us page here and their FAQ here.

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