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    Missy’s Top Three Jerky Treats

    Let’s face it, we drop more money than necessary on our pets because they’re our babies. Between the treats and the toys (and so much more), it’s enough to ask your Boss for a raise. When your Boss inquires about the reason for such raise, simply inform him or her that without such raise your pet will starve as it needs a life of luxury. Kidding, of course, don’t start that conversation! It can only lead to living in a cardboard box. All jokes aside, times are tough but we try our best to keep our pets happy and well fed. Missy’s favorite treats consist of jerky and more jerky.…

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    Favorite Blogs

    December Blog Challenge… 12/29 Favorite Blogs I follow a variety of blogs but some of my favorites are: The Handyman’s Daughter * Hilary Hall Fitness * Parsley Health * From Head to Toe * DCTV Fashion Blog * Just a little extra… Tom’s Hardware is my favorite website when it comes to anything PC related. What are some of your favorite blogs? —– Pura Vida Jewelry

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    Creature of Habit

    December Blog Challenge… 12/27 Are you a creature of habit in the morning? Without a doubt. Whether it be a lazy morning or a rushed morning, I am definitely a creature of habit at least to some degree. I used to be a creature of habit in the morning when it came to eating breakfast but have failed to eat breakfast in a long time. Hopefully with the coming new year I can change that and get back into the habit of eating breakfast. What is your biggest habit in the morning no matter what?

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    Favorite Holiday Tradition/Recipe

    December Challenge… 12/20 Favorite Holiday Tradition/Recipe There are so many favorite holiday traditions and recipes. One of my favorite holiday traditions is putting up the Christmas tree early and decorating it. Christmas never seems complete without a tree, no matter how big or small it is… even if it’s just a picture of a Christmas tree. One of my favorite recipes would be a Christmas ham. In our house a Christmas ham consists of baking a ham shank with pineapples and cherries. Let’s not forget the brown sugar on the outside of the ham shank! —–Pura Vida Jewelry

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    Ideal Day Off

    December Blog Challenge… 12/17 Describe your ideal day off. What would you do with your time? A full day of rereading my favorite books or new books that I’m dying to read. Apart from hibernating, a day full of hiking and unplugging sounds like heaven. We are all too consumed by our smart phones too often, very rarely living in the present.

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    Staple Piece

    December Blog Challenge… 12/13 If you could buy one accessory or article of clothing, what would you buy? That’s easy! Jeans! Jeans can be dressed up or down. Not only that but depending on where you work you can sometimes get away with wearing jeans depending on what pieces of clothing you pair with them. Jeans come in so many different colors and styles. They will always be my go-to piece! —–Pura Vida Jewelry

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    Advice Day

    December Blog Challenge… 12/10 What’s the best piece of advice you would give someone? The best piece of advice that I would give is to be yourself. Too often we get lost in what other people think we should do or who we should be, etc. The truth is that at the end of the day you are the only person that has to live with the decisions you make as a person. Never give up in life. As bad as life can seem sometimes it’s never worth giving up no matter the reason. A low opinion of one’s self can cause you to make different decisions compared to if…

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    A Day In the Life of…

    December Blog Challenge… 12/03 A day in the life of… A day in the life of… A Bookworm Days for most bookworms at some point in the day go back to books and what book to read next. The worst part of the day is if it includes a book hangover. A book hangover is when a book or book series leaves a bookworm in a state of emotional distress after completing the book or book series. Each bookworm is different. Some people read during breaks at work, moments here and there through the day when they can catch a break, and some read at night before bed. Personally, reading…