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Getting Into the Bubbly Sesh

Hey Hallmarkies,

While it’s 100% clear that I’m a Netflix Geek, I am most definitely a Hallmarkie on top of that.

So, maybe I’m far behind when it comes to listening to podcasts but I’m sure there are some of you out there who don’t have a huge list of podcasts that you listen to religiously as well.

There were a few podcasts that I followed on Spotify to listen to later. Bubbly Sesh was one of those podcasts… and the only good one on that list in my opinion.

Bubbly Sesh Podcast is hosted by Jacks and Shawl. Last year Bubbly Sesh became the official Hallmark Channel Podcast. Not only do you get recaps of Hallmark movies but you also get Jacks’ and Shawl’s own humor and tid bits with their opinions, which I absolutely love.

If you love Hallmark movies I highly suggest looking for Bubbly Sesh on Spotify. You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram… @thebubblysesh.

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