First Time Shipt User

Due to COVID-19 grocery pickup and deliveries have become very popular. Looks like Amazon has a lot more competition in the grocery department these days!

Grocery shopping inside of a store is definitely not on my to do list. I have been using grocery pickup a lot. Shipt and Instacart are very popular subscription services for grocery deliveries. I finally caved and decided to try one. According to a lot of talk on the internet most people say Instacart has more hidden fees compared to Shipt. In light of that I opted for Shipt.

Shopping online with Shipt was similar to shopping online with Walmart and the local grocery store where I live, possibly a bit better. Groceries were delivered on time. The Shipter sent me a text with a picture of a different brand of toilet paper since the store was out of the brand that I selected online. It was shocking that the store had toilet paper at all since most places seem to be out of it right now. I received texts when the Shipter was on the way to the grocery and on the way to my house. Everything seemed to go smoothly.

So, what’s the down side to using Shipt’s delivery service? I left instructions for the Shipter to ring the doorbell but they didn’t, never informed me of their arrival. Side note, the groceries were left on the porch due to no contact at this time. I ordered disposable gloves and instead received a pair of reusable dish gloves. The Shipter also sent three produce items, which I didn’t order anything from the produce department.

Being that this was the first time using Shipt and unsure of what to do I contacted Shipt via chat on their website… an hour long wait… ugh. However, Shipt Customer Service was friendly and immediately took care of the grocery related issues.

How much does Shipt cost? It’s $14 for the monthly subscription or $99 for the yearly subscription. Grocery stores offer pickup and delivery through Shipt. There isn’t a minimum amount required for pickup but to get free delivery you must spend at least $35 or else the delivery fee is $7.

What’s the verdict? I’ll probably stick to using Shipt for a while, at least until COVID-19 isn’t a big issue.

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