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Hey Readers! So many people today follow so many different diets. Keto is possibly the most popular diet of them all at the moment. I do not in any way endorse said diets. Everyone has their own reason for eating a particular way or not so particular way. All of that aside, let’s get to reviewing some health food products that I’ve tried lately!

Up first is the most recent snack bar that was purchased during pandemic time. It has been so hard to locate healthy snacks at the grocery store as well as through Amazon Pantry. By chance I came across the Health Warrior Chia Bar in a chocolate peanut butter flavor. Definitely not my first choice but it was available so after caving I hit the add to cart button.

The snack bar is small in size but don’t let the size of it fool you. It does satisfy the hunger issue, possibly due to the chia seeds. The Health Warrior Chia bar isn’t the most appealing unless you really do crave health food. The first try was not successful as it was forced down. However, the second try was surprisingly successful. Maybe I acquired the taste for it or gave it more of a chance but I started craving the snack bar when I needed something to hold me over until lunch at work. In conclusion, the snack bar isn’t appealing at first but if you don’t mind the taste then it’s the perfect snack when it comes to calories and ingredients. Only 3 grams of sugar as well!

My absolute favorite keto syrup is ChocZero syrup. It is the closest thing that I have found that tastes like the unhealthy syrup. Maple Pecan is my favorite flavor to use for pancakes and waffles. The caramel flavor works amazingly well in coffee. The chocolate flavor works well in coffee and milk. The down side to the chocolate flavor is that due to it being so thick it’s harder to combine with milk. I add it to milk or cold coffee in the blender, though caramel is my go to for coffee. There are a lot of other flavors that I have yet to try. And just like that ChocZero saved us when it comes to syrup!

Last but not least are some fiber crackers. These were purchased for the fiber content. GG Fiber Crispbread is just that, a cracker with fiber in it. They come in different flavors but I purchased the original flavor because of the recipes that were on GG Exceptional Fiber’s instagram page.

Looks wise these crackers are what I expected. The crackers are a lot harder than expected but they are called Fiber Crispbread. There is a trick to softening them, thanks to GG’s instagram, by running them under hot water and nuking them in the microwave. You can dress up these crackers any way you like, including using them as a base for pizza. The options are endless. The original flavor tastes just as expected since they are made with wheat bran and rye flour. The only ingredient included outside of that is salt. Next time I might opt for a flavored fiber cracker but these get the job done.

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