Coolatta This Summer

Dunkin Donuts has had frozen drinks that aren’t of the coffee variety for a long time now, and for a long time now I have kept saying that I was going to try one. Needless to say that didn’t happen yet or else this post wouldn’t be happening now. Coolatta… the name immediately makes me think of a cool latte. Weird, right?

The best way that I can describe a coolatta is that it is like a cross between a frozen lemonade and a snow cone but in the form of a drink.

When I ordered a coolatta I asked the cashier her opinion on the flavors. She said Cosmic Strawberry and Cotton Candy are the most popular flavors at their location. That settled it. Cotton Candy it was. With the first sip I was pleasantly surprised. The Cotton Candy flavor actually tasted like Cotton Candy and it wasn’t overly sweet tasting. The fact that the ice part of the drink didn’t melt immediately on a hot and humid day was a definite bonus! On Dunkin’s website they only list a few flavors for the coolatta frozen drinks but be sure to check out your local Dunkin Donuts. At my local Dunkin Donuts they offer a very large variety of flavors, some of them with fun names and colors.

Have you ever had a Coolatta? Thoughts? Drop a comment below!

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