Pillow Talk Is Alive

Fans of TLC’s Pillow Talk were very disappointed at the end of the show because the show seemed to disappear and was never mentioned at any point after it ended. It was a complete let down after such a good run. Finally, much later on, TLC has announced that Pillow Talk will be back Sunday, September 15th!

Most of the past cast members will be returning with their commentary, however, TLC did add a few more cast members to the upcoming season of Pillow Talk.

Cast members to look out for…

  • Elizabeth and Andrei (Not too excited about this one.)
  • Colt and Debbie (All I can say is… “Why?”)
  • Tarik and Dean (Yes, please!)
  • Loren and Alexei (Definitely excited to see them back.)
  • Kalani and Asuelu
  • David and Annie (Who doesn’t love Annie?)
Thankyou, TLC, for bringing Pillow Talk back! Still trying to figure out why Colt and Debbie were added to the cast members list. It almost made me not want to watch Pillow Talk until finding out that some of my favorite cast members will still be there.
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