Beyond Expectations

If you haven’t heard of the new meatless meat, Beyond Meat, by now then check them out. They are the latest trend in meatless meats. The hype around Beyond Meat is really high, so high that I assumed they wouldn’t be more than mediocre tasting… maybe, hopefully, something similar to Boca, who puts out my favorite meatless burgers.

So, is Beyond Meat all talk or is there something more to this new meatless brand?

One word… AMAZING! Beyond Meat went very much beyond my expectations. If I were unable to eat meat or going vegan then Beyond Meat would one hundred percent be on my grocery list. Taste wise, I would compare it to a Burger King burger when eating the burger patties. Best part? It only took 4 minutes to cook on a grill press.

There is, however, one major downside to Beyond Meat. The cost! For two patties at my local grocery store it’s $9.00… definitely not in my budget, but definitely on my splurge list. While Boca is a lot cheaper in comparison it is also frozen. Boca burgers can also be cooked in the microwave. Beyond Meat has more of a real beef feel to it and is soy free. You can’t go wrong with either brand but Beyond Meat is hands down my favorite now.

Have you tried any of Beyond Meat meatless meat? Did you like it? Drop a comment below!

Next grocery splurge… Beyond Meat sausage!

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