Netflix Baby

The final season of Arrow is airing on the CW currently. However, with a DVR full and a schedule that doesn’t allow me to catch Arrow when it comes on that leaves me in waiting mode for it to hit Netflix. There is the CW APP but my phone lags too much, unfortunately. Enter Baby

The Netflix show Baby is an italian drama loosely based on the story of two best friends that live in Rome. The not so normal side of that story is that the girls are involved in an underage prostitution ring. The first season dragged me in but the little bit of season 2 that I have seen is iffy for one particular reason that I won’t spoil for those that haven’t seen it… since the second season was released in October.
To recommend or not… I would recommend Baby to anyone that likes drama, shows inspired by real life events and possibly to anyone that likes to watch shows revolving around different cultures.
In Baby you will find drugs, violence, love, lust… and everything in between.
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