Inspiration For the Masses

For those of you that watch reality shows you might be familiar with the TV show My Big Fat Fabulous Life. There are very few reality shows that I watch. My Big Fat Fabulous Life and Chrisley Knows Best are my favorites.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is focused around Whitney Way Thore’s journey in life. There have been 6 seasons so far, I believe. My Mother has been watching the show ever since it started but I didn’t start watching it until around 2 years ago. We always watch the show together now.

Whitney Way Thore is a huge inspiration. She has had such a long journey with her health, weight loss, fitness, weight lifting and more. Her main focus is simple… being healthy… not being a certain size, not having a certain look… just being healthy. She lives life and doesn’t let her weight get in the way of that. She is who she is and that’s all there is to it.

Whitney Way Thore and Ryan Andreas run No BS Active. No BS Active is a subscription to workout videos that almost anyone can do from the comfort of their own home. No BS Active is the only subscription for workout videos that I would ever pay for because almost anyone can do their workouts and the workouts don’t require a bunch of equipment, nor a lot of time.

P.S. Check out the global movement that Whitney Way Thore started, No Body Shame by clicking here!

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