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Weekend Quarantine

Quarantine is starting to drive extroverts crazy. However, introverts are in their happy place. I am definitely an introvert. Quarantine has proved useful this weekend between getting a lot of things done in the house and dipping back into some old hobbies.

Making strawberry preserves was the first old hobby that was found again. The last time I made strawberry preserves it was the no sugar route, which consisted of strawberries and chia seeds. This time it was frozen strawberries and pure honey (to replace sugar). While pure honey is still sweet it isn’t quite as bad as sugar and does have nutritional value.

What is something other than biscuits and toast that goes well with strawberry preserves? Waffles! I broke out the waffle iron and got to work. Added one too many eggs but that seemed to make them even better! One freezer bag and some parchment paper later… and they were ready to be placed in the freezer. Waffles make a great breakfast or dinner meal when you need something fast. Simply pop them in the toaster oven or toaster for a short time and voila… waffles are done!

My Mother’s garden had a lot of work to be done in it. During that process a butterfly landed in the garden. It didn’t budge no matter how close you walked up to it. It flew around in the garden, mostly landing on a butterfly bush. In my family, and probably a lot of other families, people associate butterflies with those who have passed away, especially yellow ones. They say that when one appears it is a loved one that passed away and is there for a visit.

When the weekend starting coming to a close Missy decided it was nap time as well. The sun was still shining, a cool breeze brushed everything it hit and a puppy nap was in place.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and wishing all of you good health! – Just Jenna

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