My Top 5 Most Used Apps In 2020

This post might be a little late for favorite apps in 2020 but some say 2021 doesn’t begin until this month.

There is an app for almost anything, from work related to game related and everything in between.

For a look at my top 5 favorite apps used the most in 2020 take a look at the list below.

  • PicCollage – PicCollage is a lot of fun! It isn’t picture collages only, cards can be created as well. There a lot of premade templates but plenty enough features on the app to create something from scratch.
  • List Ease – List Ease is great for making lists when phone space is lacking! Multiple lists and categories can be created. As things are completed on the list they can be checked off and deleted. List Ease is perfect for grocery lists.
  • Dunkin’ – Total Dunkin’ Girl here. What makes the Dunkin’ app worth it? Simple. DD Perks! The DD Perks program earns points good towards beverages of any size. Purchases must be made through the app to earn points, whether the purchase be made inside of the store or through the drive-thru. If there are any promotions or discounts those will also appear in the app. A promo code feature was recently added to the Dunkin’ app as well.
  • Chick-fil-a – Chick-fil-a’s app is the best app that I’ve ever used for fast food. The curbside feature in the app is great. Place your order and when you’re in a curbside parking space simply input what number you’re parked at and you’re done. The app will alert you when your order is on the way.
  • Flo – There are a lot of apps out there for workouts and logging menstrual cycles. Flo logs both worlds. It also helps to understand hormonal issues and track ovulation for pregnancy. Sleep, exercise, weight, and how much water is consumed are some of the tracking options. Flo will also remind you to drink water.
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