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Ten Mishaps During Covid Quarantine

Covid-19 isn’t fun and we can talk about symptoms, what people are doing and aren’t doing, treatments and long term issues until we are blue in the face. How about something to lighten that “covid mood”?

Here is a list of 10 awful yet amusing things that have happened to me while dealing with covid.

  • In an attempt to stay away from anyone else in the house I washed my covid clothes at night. Unfortunately, that also resulted in some clothes being dyed dark blue.
  • Isolating to one room is often the best thing to do when infected with covid. However, a power strip that is full of electronics plugged into it during severe weather is NOT a good idea! Breakers often do trip. Oops.
  • Ordered from Doordash too much. Perhaps that isn’t much of a mishap?
  • Ordering online while you’re sick, covid or some other nasty virus, isn’t always the best idea. That’s how I accidentally ordered two cases of lysol wipes and 16 pounds of epsom salt. By the way, don’t use lysol wipes on a wooden dining table. It ruins the finish on it!
  • Oops # 5. Whether showering or bathing while you’re sick is not fun to begin with. My fun ended with almost falling out of the bath tub!
  • Thinking I was finally strong enough to read on a kindle was also a bad idea. Being smacked in the face by a kindle does not feel good!
  • Melatonin can be helpful for sleep. I kept having nightmares while taking it but continued to take it anyway. The most unusual and crazy dream was being Laura Croft while fighting off a bob cat with her dual pistols. The fight took place in my house. Did I mention that the bob cat had glowing emerald green eyes?
  • Used up most of my sketch pad but not for sketches… for writing.
  • Unable to order spray lysol due to exceeding the limit. I ordered lysol spray for my work place and also some when I got sick but was unable to order more when it was starting to get low at home. Unfortunately, it was out of stock everywhere else.

Last but not least… mishap number ten!

George the roach died. He lived in my bathroom and we had an agreement. If he stayed hidden he would live but if I saw him I would get the zevo. When I did see him I would run and get the zevo but every time I came back he was always nowhere to be found. My Mother screamed upon discovering George. She didn’t understand our agreement nor did she like it at all. Unfortunately, I found him passed away on the floor with all of his tiny legs up in the air. I examined him but he was dead, dead, dead (note the Shadowhunter reference). He possibly died from natural causes. RIP George. He will forever be missed at night with many battles for survival.

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