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Lady Whistledown Explodes Netflix

Fans of period movies and books were ecstatic to find out that Bridgerton was coming to Netflix. It’s not that often a good period piece is released that isn’t in book format. Pride and Prejudice, anyone? Bookworms and movie fans alike have always debated on their favorite actress that played Elizabeth Bennet. My personal favorite is Keira Knightley. I have seen that version of Pride and Prejudice at least a dozen times. It forever remains one of my favorite movies. Oddly, I have yet to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Bridgerton is part of the Netflix Original lineup. It was released December 25th, 2020. Upon releasing, Bridgerton, blew up across the web! Actor, Rege-Jean Page, caught the hearts of many females as he portrayed Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. Did anyone else mistake him for Chance Perdomo, actor for Ambrose Spellman in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? For a brief moment I thought it was him. Whoops.

A question that keeps arising around the web is if there were too many intimate scenes or if they were more graphic compared to other period series and movies similar to Bridgerton. Typically, you don’t see that many intimate scenes nor as intense. However, if you compare Bridgerton to a series such as Game of Thrones then Bridgerton will seem very, very vanilla.

Lady Whistledown’s society paper causes quite a stir in this series as gossip and predictions are made from the unknown author. To avoid spoiling who is behind the mask, or pen rather, I won’t spill the tea.

1800’s setting. Check. Plot twists. Check. Romance. Check. Action. Check. Suspense. Check. Shocking season finale. Double check.

Watch out Cobra Kai, you have competition with Bridgerton for one of the most recent shocking season finales!

Bridgerton is without a doubt on my Netflix list to rewatch. Unfortunately, we all must now go through the long waiting period for season two. Until then there is the book series by Julia Quinn that Netflix’s Bridgerton is based off of that begs to be read! As an added bonus there is also the Rokesbys series by Julia Quinn. The storyline is before the Bridgertons.

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