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2020 Self Care Empties

Last but not least post related to 2020! Compiled below is a list of my self care empties for 2020. If you have a favorite empty that you would like to share be sure to tag Just Jenna on Instagram or use #JustJenna.

  • Native Deodorant Sensitive Cotton & Lily – Native’s deodorant is amazing for sensitive skin. It doesn’t have a lot of the unclean ingredients. It also didn’t cause a skin reaction that a lot of people talk about when switching from a deodorant that is bogged down with bad ingredients.

  • Cake Thickening Volume Shampoo – Created in Canada, Cake’s shampoo is on my clean list of products that I love. It works on my fine, oily hair without weighing it down or stripping it dry.

  • Boldify Hair Gummies – If it isn’t already obvious on my Instagram, I absolutely love these hair gummies! Boldify did a great job of creating these without a lot bad additives and they’re also keto friendly. Also, for those wondering, these gummies don’t have a weird taste. The strawberry flavor is taste buds friendly.

  • MyChelle Conditioning Lip Balm (Sheer) – Calling all owners of peeling lips! Lips that peel more than a bad sun burn don’t favor many lip balms. However, MyChelle’s Conditioning Lip Balm doesn’t make lips peel more and instead hydrates them. MyChelle is one of my favorite skin product brands for sensitive skin.

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Monte Carlo) – There aren’t too many lip products that I like when it comes to lipsticks, etc. due to lip peeling issues. NYX makes a wide assortment of lip creams. They don’t typically dry out my lips and when they do it’s after all day wear.

  • bareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner (Absolute Black) – bareMinerals is a holy grail makeup brand for most. My Mother swears by their foundation. I do like their lip gloss but what I really like is their Lasting Line Eyeliner. It doesn’t irritate the eyes, doesn’t smudge unless on purpose and lasts all day long!
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