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Sometimes the days feel like a whip is being cracked and it will never end. Exhaustion from work doesn’t ease up and you still have to deal with responsibilities after work. Adulting is not for the light hearted. We treat ourselves with something sweet for dealing with the mayhem of daily life, ironically doing harm to our bodies.

Time for some actual self-care!

Pumpkin Bumpkin

It’s without a doubt pumpkin season! Jessica Jade has a recipe for a pumpkin and glycolic face mask. Most skincare enthusiasts know that pumpkin and glycolic acid have incredible skin benefits. Pumpkin helps with collagen production and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin & Glycolic Mask.

Mask of Death

Even the dead know how important caring for your skin is. Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask is a clay mask for men and women. Most clay masks share similarities in texture and drying time. If you like face masks then trying a clay mask of any kind, at least once, is a must! They are soothing and unclog the dirty caves of your pores.

What’s Your Costume?

Not wearing a costume for Halloween? Do you plan on being a vegetable with Halloween movies on All Hallows’ Eve night? Epielle Character Sheet Masks come in a variety of characters. The best part of sheet masks for your face is that they aren’t messy!


Skincare isn’t related to just the face. Your whole body could use some TLC. Bath bombs are easy to use and fun for all ages! Da Bomb Glow Bath is unique because it makes your bath water appear to glow. Two Sisters creates Halloween Bubble Bath Bombs for kids, which includes a surprise inside of the bath bomb!

What’s your favorite type of skincare? Do you prefer homemade skincare products or do you prefer buying them already made? Drop a comment below

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