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Too Close

Over the weekend I was trying to find something different to watch on Netflix. What felt like an hour later (you know you spend forever searching at times also!), Close was the selected movie for the night.

Close is a Netflix Original movie. It was released January 18th, 2019. Noomi Rapace stars as Sam, bodyguard extraordinaire. She is hired to protect an heiress on the run from assassins.

Piglet was snuggled into my blanket, eyeing the popcorn bowl, in hopes that a popped kernel would fall at her paws while watching the movie.

There is definitely enough action and plot to satisfy movie watchers. Warning, Close does require paying attention or else you can get lost! The growth and development of the characters was well played as well as the acting. Unfortunately, Close is too close to being a miss. Why, when it started off decent? The ending. The ending completely changed what could have been. It comes to an end not only without closure but the film stops in such a way that you question whether or not the movie actually ended. The credits did appear, though, so it definitely did come to an end.

Close is worth watching if you haven’t seen it, though some might feel like it’s a waste of time due to the ending. It won’t be on my Netflix List to watch again but it was worth watching it for something different.

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