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WCTH Season 9 Theories

Okay, Hearties, When Calls the Heart season 8 ended with a bang! Elizabeth finally chose! It feels like the Hearties have been waiting 10 years for this moment. Jack will forever remain a favorite but with him gone Elizabeth can’t pick him. Instead she has been torn between Nathan and Lucas. Her heart tugged her back and forth between the two. Perhaps she was afraid of choosing the wrong person, which makes it all the more realistic.

*Warning* Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution. You have been warned, Hearties!

I am neither solely Team Lucas nor Team Nathan. Elizabeth’s relationship or possible future relationship with either of them seemed that it could have blossomed into something beautiful, though very different (as different as night and day) from one another. I love both characters so whomever she chose I’m happy with. I will admit, though, her choice in the final episode of season 8 was very shocking in her choosing Lucas! It seemed like hints were being dropped through season 8 of When Calls the Heart that Elizabeth would eventually pick Nathan over Lucas. Especially after Elizabeth and Nathan shared such a domesticated moment!

Now that Elizabeth has moved past her season (Thanks, Rosemary!), including the removal of wedding rings, will she remain with Lucas? When Calls the Heart can sometimes throw some surprises our way. The season 8 finale being one of those surprises. Let’s think about this for a moment. The tug of war-love triangle kept Hearties glued to every single episode (There are many other reasons that we are glued to WCTH as well!) some time after Jack passed away. Is it possible that Hallmark could be doing a double play to keep viewers interested in the ever popular Elizabeth/Lucas/Nathan romance? It is entirely possible that Elizabeth could be with Lucas to make #TeamLucas fans happy only to have Elizabeth realize she really is in love with Nathan a couple of seasons down the road (#TeamNathan). Maybe Elizabeth thinks she is only trying to replace Nathan with Jack but doesn’t realize just yet how in love she is with Nathan.

Did Nathan and Faith share a moment in the finale of When Calls the Heart season 8 or was it just a conversation between two good people? Perhaps Nathan and Faith will help heal each other in the future. Did Carson really leave? Will he be back? Now that he has the lost engagement ring will he propose to Faith and ride off into the sunset with her? There are still so many possibilities amongst characters. Let’s not forget Henry. We already lost Abigail. We can’t lose Henry too! At least we still have Rosemary and Lee. Chief Editor and possible future Mayor. They are definitely a power couple!

I think we can all agree, whether you are Team Nathan or Team Lucas, that the finale of season 8 came to a beautiful ending. It was such a heart wrenching episode for so many characters. Not everyone got a happy ending but so many did.

Until season 9, Hearties, keep sharing those teacup pictures!

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