Desktop and Laptop Quality Has Gone Downhill

Hey Techies, have you been feeling the heat and complications of current laptops and desktops?

I always purchase HP laptops because in the long run it’s been more budget friendly for higher customizable specs during “good” sales. However, in recent years I’ve noticed a big downgrade in quality for not only HP but other brands as well.

Laptops are much thinner and lighter. With the lightness also comes poorly constructed cases that damage easily and screws that don’t stay in place sometimes. Let’s not forget the fact that you can’t easily swap out batteries like once before. The pin inside of the laptop for the charger is also so thin it would be easy to snap it. Another issue is that overheating with brand new laptops has become fairly common, sadly. Is this a way for manufacturers to make more money due to replacing laptops much sooner than before? Was not much thought put into the quality of their products? Your guess is as good as mine.

Laptops aren’t the only ones suffering, desktops have been as well. The towers are smaller and prettier but that’s as far as the good points go. Heat problems are a big issue due to lack of physical space and the overcompensation for higher specs.

As for Windows, Windows 10 is a hit or miss amongst people. Are you a fan of Windows 10 or do you hate it?

What do you think about the physical aspects of the most current computers?

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