How Many Followers Is Enough

Shout out to Joey Thurman for inspiring this post! Great all around person and fitness guru. Be sure to give him a follow!

Many people struggle with getting a large fan following, whether it be on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Some feel that if an account doesn’t have at least 10,000 followers then it isn’t a good account. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that there are many amazing accounts out there will a small fan base. Those with a small fan base haven’t reached “celebrity status” but have a lot of loyal followers. My Instagram account has close to 400 people following with some really awesome and loyal followers.

So, how many followers is enough? Ask 100 people and you will possibly get 100 different answers. At the end of the day what counts the most is the honesty of your account and quality versus quantity of followers. You could have 10,000 or more followers but out of those 10,000 how many are actually part of your quality fan base? The key is to try to not stress over how many followers you have. Keep it honest, be active and as stressful as the social media marketing is try to enjoy what you do.

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