DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Halloween costumes are expensive… on the end of, let’s break the bank and forget the bills expensive. It’s that time of the year to impress Jason Voorhees, right? Halloween costumes for dogs are just as expensive at times. Have you ever walked into PetSmart (or a similar pet store), full of excitement when seeing the variety of dog costumes? Disappointment slams into the floor upon turning the tag over, revealing the price. Your fur baby looks up at you with dollar signs in their eyes.

With Pinterest and blogs galore there is no need to empty the bank for a Halloween costume for your dog. DIY projects can be either budget friendly or cost more than purchasing the item already made. Right, Cricut users? Let’s try to remain within budget, and not break the bank, with this list of DIY Halloween costumes for dogs!

Taco Tuesday

Petfeed has a tutorial for a no-sew taco costume. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t celebrate Taco Tuesday on Halloween! Easy No-Sew Doggy Taco Costume.

Cereal Killer

Who hasn’t heard the cereal killer joke? Sew Doggy Style has a tutorial for a DIY dog costume that brings the cereal killer to life! Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume – Cereal Killer!

Harry Potter Meets No-Sew

Harry Potter fan? TodayINeedA has you and your dog covered for all houses of Harry Potter! Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. The materials for this DIY no-sew Harry Potter costume are inexpensive and only a few items are needed.

Not For My Dog

Have a dog that hates costumes more than anything? I know the feeling! My cinnamon roll that passed away a few years ago hated costumes. However, Yo Doggy Dog shows you how to create Halloween costumes for such dogs! Check out 7 Interesting Dog Costumes for Dogs Who Hate Costumes.

Halloween Seamstress

If you have a hand in sewing then check out McCall’s pattern for dog costumes!

If all of the above fails then slip a Halloween themed collar around Fido’s neck or plop down with him/her, costume free, and watch Halloween movies!

Do you have a favorite DIY pet costume? Drop a link (or suggestions) in the comment box below!

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