My Hometown Is Haunted Part 2

If you aren’t already following Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. then you should be! My Hometown Is Haunted: Sharing Local Ghost Stories is one of her many blog posts for Blogtober. In response to My Hometown Is Haunted: Sharing Local Ghost Stories, here is My Hometown Is Haunted Part 2!

About a year or two ago, I found out from a co-worker that the Parish I’m from has an interesting ghost story… or creature story, really… of their own!

The Rougarou

The rougarou, also called loup-garou, is often described as a werewolf type of creature. It is a big part of the cajun french folklore. Legend has it that the creature lurks in swamps, deep in the bayous, during full moons.

Voodoo Queen

According to a Parish legend, Julia Brown lived by the swamp and worked her voodoo for local residents. During this time the town was full of life and prosperity. This Voodoo Queen, Julia Brown, was known for singing, “One day I’m going to die and take this whole town with me…”. On September 29th, 1915, a catastrophic category 4 hurricane swept away the entire town. The very same day that the Voodoo Queen was to be laid to rest. After the storm passed, her dead body was found but not the casket. It’s interesting to note that Hurricane Katrina made landfall August 29th, 2005 and Hurricane Ida made landfall August 29th, 2021. Is there a connection there?

Plantation Hauntings

San Francisco Plantation is a house from 1856. Many hauntings have been reported, supposedly by former residents. San Francisco Plantation is thought to be one of the most haunted plantations in the area. There are daily tours that take place. A lot of people take the tours but the idea of ghosts give me the creeps!

Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. definitely had better ghost stories than I did!

Is there a popular legend, ghost story or not, where you live? Drop a comment below!

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