Budgeting Tips In 2022

Times are tough right now. Everyone is feeling it, whether you were broke or rich before the inflation, everyone is feeling it.

Time to start budgeting! Here are a few tips to attempting to survive during these tough times of inflation.

  • Create a list for grocery shopping and don’t swerve off course. Shop sales and mark downs. Don’t buy more food than you and or your family will eat before the mold starts growing… creating a home for its family and friends… next thing you know it’s a village of mold and all of it’s moldy soldiers!
  • Unsubscribe from as many subscription services as possible. They aren’t a necessity. If you choose to keep them then try opting for an annual payment instead of a monthly payment. A lot of subscription services offer discounts for paying annually.
  • Try out a prepaid mobile service instead. The service plans are usually less expensive and you own your mobile phone instead of making monthly payments on the phone and service attached to it. Mint Mobile and Boost Mobile are popular prepaid mobile service plans. Shop around to see what is available where you live.
  • Don’t let the gas tank drop to empty status. You’ll get stuck on the road, pay for more gas at one time, and the gas light might start yelling at you! Don’t allow your gas tank to get any less than half way from needing a refill. If you fill your tank up like this then it’s like you’re making Klarna payments on your gas! You’re still paying the same price but at least the cost is spread out. Who would of thought that buying gas would eventually be compared to getting a loan? QVC needs to start selling gas on their 5 Easy Payments payment plan (kidding)!
  • Take advantage of earning food and beverage rewards with points from purchased items at eatery places like Chick-fil-A, Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s, Panera Bread, Subway, Chili’s, and Dairy Queen.
  • Clothes and shoes can be a struggle to shop for during this time but it doesn’t have to be if you shop smart. Many clothing stores have big sales during holidays and special store (online and offline) events. The clearance section is your friend! Also, check for coupons before checking out. Stores like J. C. Penney and Kohl’s have digital coupons available to used online and in the store. Remember, a major name brand doesn’t put the outfit together… you do! If you’re a fashionista, shopping for a nice outfit can be done at thrift stores as well. I’ve purchased many pieces of clothing from thrift stores. Three dollars compared to twenty dollars is a huge difference when it comes to your bank account.

Do you have any tips for budgeting? Drop a comment below!

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