Pop-Up Meet Up For Millet!

If you were in LaPlace, LA. late this morning then you might have come across a Pop-Up Meet Up event. The Pop-Up Meet Up was to show your support for Leandre Millet.

For those that don’t know Leandre Millet, he is a private practicing attorney in LaPlace, LA. He is the Assistant District Attorney in the 40th Judicial District running for Judge (Division B) in St. John the Baptist Parish. Millet is humble, fair and cares about the people of St. John the Baptist Parish and beyond. Those qualities do not only encompass him as an attorney but also as a person in general.

The Pop-Up Meet Up took place today, 10/24/2020, from 11:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. It was located at 50 Dominican Road, the corner of Dominican Drive and Carrollwood Drive in LaPlace, LA. Jambalaya and dessert were handed out at the food booth. Signs and T-shirts were available as well. People came together to show their support for Leandre Millet for Judge.

Election day is November 3rd, 2020! Early voting is October 16th – October 27th, 2020. Want to show your support prior to election day? Volunteer, donate or place a sign in your yard. For more information, check out Millet For Judge.

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