Light Pucks Are a Win!

Ready for something simple, possibly a little non-budget friendly but completely worth the investment?

Energizer makes puck lights that are battery (AAA) powered and operated with a remote. Ever had a remote for battery powered “candles”? The remote is similar to that! The remote features buttons that include a dimming option and timer. Note: Timer is optional.

The amount of light that one puck light ignites is enough to light up a very small room but also isn’t harsh on the eyes. Not enough light? No problem, just toss another puck in the room! The lights are available in white and color changing.

The round puck lights are small, think palm sized, and the cases are plastic, which means they are light enough for most people to handle. They are very easy to install as accent lights. Mounting tape is pre-attached to the back of the puck lights. Another option, if you want to get fancy, is to purchase a mounting backplate for hanging.

I love these puck lights for when the power goes out. Instead of mounting them I place them in the rooms that need the most light at that time. For my fellow bookworms, they also make great reading lights. There are so many uses for Energizer’s puck lights!

I purchased mine at Home Depot but Amazon also sells them.

Have you tried puck lights? What do you use them for?

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