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Pelican Nutrition and Shark Week

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It’s been a long time since posting due to crazy long work hours and trying to put a focus on some health issues. Sad times, indeed. My Coach/friend has been amazing and I’ll update you all on it later.

Enough about my dramatic life, though! It’s time for the latest and greatest small business nestled in LaPlace, LA. – Pelican Nutrition. Shoutout to Anthony and Ann for being awesome people!

Pelican Nutrition is the healthy tea version of Baskin Robbins… think 31 flavors of the tea world. There are so many different flavors with a lot of unique names to try! Have allergies or are on a special diet? These fun (and healthy) teas will work out for most people. Keto friendly… that says a lot right there! Pelican Nutrition also has slushies and shakes as well.

Baby Yoda. Zen with a hidden sweet spot.
Shark Attack. Fruit punch with a bite.
Aquarius. If Summer had a flavor this would be it.
Scorpio Slushie. Autumn and Scorpio having an intellectual meeting.

This week is Shark Week! Shark Week has been really hard for me to create food for this year. However, Pelican Nutrition has their very own shark themed menu during Shark Week. I recently ordered Shark Attack. It tastes like fruit punch with a bite (no pun intended… maybe?).

The shark themed menu includes:

  • Shark Attack
  • The Deep End
  • Sharknado
  • Shark Bite
  • Shark Boy
    Note: This is not a complete list.

Interested in visiting Pelican Nutrition? They can be found at 3025 HWY. 51, Suite A, in LaPlace, LA.
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Have you tried any of the drinks from Pelican Nutrition? Drop a comment with your favorite flavor!

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