Elderly Techie Criticism

So, many gens seem to be giving a lot of hate toward older (some would say elderly) people for not understanding current technology (such as social media, various mobile apps, computers, etc.). I’m guilty of getting annoyed in the past as well. Dealing with so many customers at work that aren’t tech savvy (different ages, not just older ages!) taught me a very valuable lesson. Growing up with modern technology and not growing up with modern technology makes a huge difference in understanding it. If we don’t teach those who don’t understand it then how can we expect them to understand it?

What age is considered elderly?

People are living much longer now, so what was once thought of as elderly is no longer the case. Generally, people assume someone is elderly at or around 65 years old due to Social Security Income and Medicare. Elderly is typically an older adult in fragile condition and poor health. According to care.com (from a 2014 research review by the Pharmacy Practice), an older adult should be considered elderly based on physical health and medications rather than age.

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