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Health Insurance Problems

While many people seem to rave about Obamacare/Marketplace Health Insurance I have never experienced anything good with said insurance. Prior to Obamacare my health insurance premium was $90 per month with a $5,000 hospital deductible. General Doctor visits were $25 and generic prescription medications were $5. When Obamacare came out the cost of insurance increased to over $400 per month for myself. The amount of coverage decreased by half and I could not see almost any Doctor that I wanted to see. Since then I have been without insurance.

My Mother had Obamacare for 1 1/2 years. Between premiums, co-pays, etc. she dumped $30,000 into Obamacare with horrific coverage. Prior to Obamacare her health insurance premium was around $200 per month with the same amount of coverage that I had. She always had a lot of problems with the Obamacare insurance. I called the Marketplace often and each time the person that I spoke to sounded like a teenager reading from a script. They rarely gave proper answers. If anything they made the problems worse.

Fast forward to my Father’s experience with Obamacare. The problems incurred by his health insurance was much worse than my Mother’s.

I see so many people on Twitter talking about how they had/have cancer and wouldn’t have made it through treatment without Obamacare. They also stated that Obamacare paid for almost everything in full. I would love to know what magical thing they are doing to have that happen. Obamacare did nothing for my Father, but drain us dry financially during his cancer treatment.

Recently, I found out some information about if a Democrat gets into office during the next Presidential Election. I do not identify as any political party, but the information that I found out was quite scary. If the information is correct, then should a Democrat become the next President health insurance will go downhill more than it already has. It will become mandatory again with larger penalties for not having it. Along with the penalties you might have to serve time in jail as well. This is not the American way. The current healthcare system isn’t the American way in my opinion. This is nothing more than power and greed. We are the puppets with no other option than to dance. I pray this information is inaccurate and is simply just a rumor. My gut tells me that things are going to get worse either way. Our society is already looking like a dystopian movie/book. Hunger Games… Divergent… Anyone?

Might lose some followers and might not. Time for a chocolate break.

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