Brownie Batter, Oh My

If you haven’t tried Dunkin’s latest donut then you are missing out! For the Valentine season they introduced two different kinds of heart shaped donuts. One donut is filled with brownie batter, also called Brownie Batter. The other donut is filled with bavarian kreme and is called Cupid’s Choice, which is especially cute for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t tried Cupid’s Choice but I have tried Brownie Batter. Do you know that feeling of pure joy when licking the spoon after making a batch of homemade brownies? That’s the feeling that takes place while eating a Brownie Batter donut. Mix that in with an already great Dunkin’ donut and it’s pure heaven!

Gearing a little bit away from donuts…

Dunkin’s Beyond Sausage Sandwich really hit the mark for a vegan breakfast sandwich. A vegan sausage patty, egg and cheese are layered between an English muffin. I’m not huge on the flavor of sausage in general but decided to give this breakfast sandwich a try anyway. The vegan sausage patty definitely has a sausage flavor. The English muffin part of the sandwich was impressive as it wasn’t overcooked. The Beyond Sausage sandwich was fluffy and very filling!

The Dunkin’ Girl

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