Flu Bug Begone

Hey Readers! Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a week or more. As hard as I tried not to get the flu it eventually tackled me. One of the biggest downsides to working in an office with a flow of customers is having customers constantly knowingly coming into the office with the flu and spreading said flu.

Needless to say getting the flu is not fun! I’m still not fully recovered but getting there. As soon as symptoms began to appear a trip to Walgreens was needed. After going on a virus shopping spree it must have looked like I bought out the pharmaceutical department to the cashier. Walgreens stocks must have gone up that day! Biggest thanks to Mucinex cold medicine, Sambucol elderberry syrup and a rollerball essential oils mixture. Let’s not forget what always seems like an obscene amount of tissues used!

Solid foods finally became consumable over the weekend but you’re typically suppose to ease into the solid foods. Well, that didn’t happen! Instead I dived face first into a huge plate full of onion rings and an overstuffed shrimp poboy… so overstuffed that I had to locate the bottom portion of the bun! Delicious? Check. Completely unhealthy? Check. A little regret after eating said meal while trying not to puke? Check!

Wishing everyone health and happiness!

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