Overnight Oatmeal… Perhaps Not

Being a big fan of oatmeal I still had yet to try overnight oatmeal… until a couple days ago.

Overnight oatmeal is made by placing oats, sweetener of choice, any type of milk and any additional extras (i.e. fruit, nuts, spices) in a sealed tight container such as a mason jar. After placing the items in the jar, seal it tight and shake the jar like crazy until everything is thoroughly stirred. Place the jar in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning the oatmeal is ready to go. It can be eaten chilled or hot.

After trying the overnight oatmeal that I made something seemed off. The flavor was Banana Bread. The flavor did taste good but the texture was off, which turned out to be the oats. I don’t eat cold oats, always hot, but the oatmeal was nuked in the microwave. The texture was as if the oats were never cooked nor soaked in liquid overnight. I didn’t use instant oats so maybe that was the issue.

Have you tried overnight oatmeal? Love it? Hate it? Drop a comment below!

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