Wednesday Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

Now is the perfect time to catch up on some reading, at least it is for those that are quarantined. So, in light of the quarantine today is going to be Wednesday Giveaway.

What’s better for a giveaway than a book?!? Perhaps that is something that would only greatly excite bookworms… but guess what? The giveaway is still a book!

Up for grabs is Scratch by David Dugas Jr. in e-book format for the kindle e-reader. Does anyone else miss the old kindles or is that just me? The current kindle seems to be more of a tablet than an e-reader.

To enter, check out the giveaway post on instagram. Must be following Just Jenna on instagram. Comment and tag two friends. One entry per person. If you don’t use instagram then you can subscribe to Just Jenna by e-mail (Hit that Subscribe button on the right), which will count as your entry. The winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday April 15th, 2020. Good luck everyone!

Scratch by David Dugas Jr.

McKenzie falls was a peaceful little town with its ups and downs. It was tormented for a while by the disappearances of random young teens with their bodies never to be found.It all begins again twenty-six years later when four filmmaking students accidentally awaken a dark evil entity on a research trip, which has grown angrier after what the town did to him. Scratch the Clown is back, picking up where he left off, killing and sacrificing the innocent souls of his taste. They struggle to find the answers to this dark past that has cursed the very people responsible for his death. They also fight to stay alive and keep their sanity with an evil clown out to maim then destroy them. 

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