Easter Vibes

Hope everyone’s Easter and any other holiday you celebrate went well this past weekend!

My weekend involved a backyard sunburn, Easter cooking, laundry and Xbox time.

Every year for Easter I always dye eggs, whether they’re used for an egg hunt, games or for eating.

This year I didn’t have to do anything to the eggs after boiling them. The process was almost the same. Place the eggs in a pot of water with a cloth (to help prevent cracking) and bring to a boil. About twenty minutes later dyed eggs were discovered… complete with markings as well! The lazy hack for dying eggs seems to be placing a Christmas cloth that bleeds into the pot of water.

Side note… am I the only person not ecstatic over the Division 2 game? Division 1 is really good but part 2 really sends the head spinning with headaches and motion sickness at times.

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