Sometimes It’s Worth It

To all of you that work in customer service in some shape or form, you all understand what it’s like when a lot of customers can be mean and sometimes treat you like dirt. Dealing with customers like that can sometimes give you feelings of not wanting to go into work some days. One simple action made today, at the very least, worth it.

We have been calling older customers, checking in on them due to COVID-19. Yesterday the office received a letter from one of those older customers. It was a full page, handwritten and all. He stated that one of the ladies in the office called him, informed us that he is not sick and included some miscellaneous things in the letter. To protect the customer’s privacy I won’t share the letter.

The date of my Father’s passing is coming up. The ironic thing is that the customer owns property where my Father is from, which isn’t anywhere near where I live.

Let’s try to remember that no matter how many bad things are going on there’s always something good at some point. It can always be worse and it can always be better. The sun sets and it also rises. It’s the little things that count most!

A big thank you to all the appreciative customers and followers alike!

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