Oat Trail Game Changer

Nutpods completely saved me when I was searching for a dairy free and sugar free creamer for coffee, etc. My favorite is hazelnut because… well, who doesn’t like hazelnut? Also, hazelnut helps to cover up how overpowering the coconut flavor can be at times. The original flavor works great when making various soups that require cream.

Recently Nutpods joined the Oat Milk trail craze. After a lot of debating I caved and ordered the Oat Creamer Variety Pack, which consists of an original flavor and a french vanilla flavor. Over the weekend I tried french vanilla in a cup of regular coffee. Wow, what a game changer! Not only did I use less cream but I also didn’t have to worry about the coconut flavor due to the coconut cream! I will still use the Nutpods creamer made with coconut cream and almonds but the oat creamer is definitely my latest favorite creation by them.

To finish off the coffee a loaf of homemade bread was born! I have missed making homemade bread. Quarantine is really giving people a lot more time to do things that need to be done and also get back to old hobbies they once loved, etc.

More reviews to come!

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