HP 17z Laptop Adapter Fix

For those of you that have a HP 17z Laptop you might have run into a problem with the adapter’s blue tip (the portion that plugs into the laptop itself). Sometimes the pin inside of the blue tip will bend and become flushed against the inside of the blue tip, making it impossible to plug into the HP 17z Laptop. After a lot of trial and error I discovered a quick fix for this! You will need one of the most useful and basic sewing tools out there… a seam ripper! The thickness of the “needle” is perfect and the handle enables you to work with the pin inside of the adapter’s tip much better.

  1. Make sure the adapter is NOT plugged in. Insert the “needle” portion of the seam ripper (the pointed end) into the adapter tip to wiggle the pin back to the center.

  2. Plug the adapter back into the HP 17z Laptop and charge away!

I have tried so many things to move the pin inside the adapter and so far the seam ripper is the only thing that has worked for me.

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Just Jenna