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Bookworm Moment #316

Walking into Books-A-Million over the weekend after not having been in a bookstore in a couple years is a thrilling moment for a bookworm. The not so thrilling moment? The prices! Also, the Books-A-Million location that I go to no longer has a huge book bargain section, which was my favorite section.

Upon entering the store I made my way over to the stationary section before book browsing when something caught my eye. There was an astrology section. It was complete with stationary, astrology books, candles, bookmarks, etc. Of course most of the Scorpio items were sold out. Just my luck!

The first bookshelf took me by surprise. It was a large display of books based on movies and TV shows. Interestingly, there were a couple books based on Netflix series that stood out… Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and You. I absolutely adored this display. Well done on Books-A-Million’s part for this.

After wandering the bookstore for what was probably an hour I regrettably decided to leave empty handed and not hold a funeral for my bank account. Before exiting Books-A-Million there were stuffed dolls on a display table near the exit. From far away they resembled voodoo dolls. Upon further inspection they were not in fact voodoo dolls but instead something called a Dammit Doll! For around $15 you can own your very own dammit doll!

Just a bookworm moment brought to you by Just Jenna!

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