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Ruby Lifetime Special

Fans of V.C Andrews shatter with excitement whenever a V.C. Andrews book series is brought to the screen, thanks to the Lifetime channel. The most recent movie series that aired on Lifetime was the Landry series.

The Landry series goes back in time to an older setting in New Orleans, LA. Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m not a fan of New Orleans, LA. However, I do love the style and culture of New Orleans, LA. from generations (and then some) ago. Expect plenty of greegree with the Landry’s!

*Warning* Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution.

In true V.C. Andrews fashion the Landry series is complete with shocking secrets, twists, turns and brotherly-sisterly love that crosses the line every time. Fortunately, the Landry series definitely doesn’t cross the same kind of territory that the famous Dollanganger series did, otherwise referred to as Flowers in the Attic by most.

The first movie in the Landry series, Ruby, introduces you to Ruby, daughter of Gabriel and Pierre. Ruby has all odds against her when she flees to her Father and Stepmother’s home, complete with a twin sister. Twin sister stories rarely go well on Lifetime, so don’t expect anything less from V.C. Andrews!

There are five books in total in the Landry series but only the first four books were made into movies. The fifth, and last, book in the series is a prequal. Tarnished Gold tells the story of Ruby’s Mother. It is there that we are introduced to Gabriel and Pierre’s love story.

The Landry series on Lifetime is 100% worth watching! I haven’t read the books but they’re definitely going in my TBR pile. My absolute favorite V.C Andrews series is the Hudson series. Unfortunately, only the first book in the series, Rain, was made into a movie.

Missed out on watching the Landry series on Lifetime? They can still be viewed on My Lifetime by logging in with your TV provider’s username and password!

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