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Three Shows Syfy Shouldn’t Have Canceled

There is a mile long list of shows that have been canceled but shouldn’t have been based on popularity alone. In particular there are three shows on the Syfy network that were canceled too soon and have (yes, have) a large fanbase.

Without further ado…

Wynonna Earp
Modern day meets western with Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as a main character and you’ve got a good story idea already. After throwing in demons, an angel, a half human-half lizard… well, you’ve got a good Syfy cocktail! Wynonna Earp fans are currently in the fight to keep the show going. It was supposed to be canceled after season three but fans fought and won season four. Will there be a season five? Only time will tell.

Bitten is loosely based on the Otherworld book series by Kelley Armstrong. The show ran for three seasons but toward the end the show seemed to lose something, leaving more to be desired. The show had so much potential that it was surprising Syfy would bring it to an end so suddenly at the time. On the other hand Syfy did nix Firefly after only one season.

Welcome to the apocalypse. Dominion was one of the hardest Syfy shows to see get canceled. Not only was it a great TV series but it was also canceled on a cliffhanger. Talk about frustrating! Dominion is loosely based on the movie Legion. The TV series was filmed in South Africa and ran for two seasons. Archangels, 8-balls (humans possessed by angels… not exactly the good kind), chosen ones and secrets are what made up Dominion. With any luck Syfy might bring us a show in the future that is similar to this one.

Honorable Mention (Fox network): Firefly
If you were watching the Fox network in early 2000 or later then chances are you have at least glimpsed Firefly. Fans would have given almost anything to be a member of Mal’s ship, Serenity. Firefly has one of the largest fandoms that I have seen. It aired in 2002 for one season. Fans were devastated by the cancellation. The year is 2021 and fans are still fighting to bring Firefly back to the screen. How much more dedication can you get from a fandom? In my eyes, Firefly is definitely one of the OG’s.

Worthy mentions include Dollhouse and Shadowhunters, neither of which aired on Syfy but deserve a mention nonetheless.

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