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Home & Family Canceled

A lot of shows cancel when we least expect it, especially good ones. The latest show that is set to cancel is Hallmark’s Home & Family. A very, very poor decision in my opinion. It looks like the Hallmark channel doesn’t realize the amount of viewers they are losing as well. Some people have decided to not support Hallmark after this bold move. My Mother is one of those people. She has chosen to continue to watch Home & Family but will not be watching anything Hallmark related. She has already banned Hallmark altogether aside from Home & Family.

Home & Family is a very rare show that isn’t a political mess and doesn’t make race, religion, etc. an issue. It is a show for all ages and there is something for everyone. Personally speaking, I found so much inspiration in Paige because she’s a woman that tackles manual labor with no apologies. She does amazing work! Every person on this show is special in so many ways and has become family to the viewers. When my Father passed away Home & Family was the one show that brought my Mother and I together. It brought us a moment of peace, allowed us to get through the hell that we were in if only for the brief moment that it was airing on TV. This is the case for so many people as well.

I was introduced to some favorite actors, movies, shows, DIY projects, tackled health issues and learned a lot of helpful fitness tips for all ages. I have learned so much from this show and it is a shame that it will be gone. Hopefully, the Hallmark channel will open it’s eyes and realize the mistake that they are making.

With such a huge fan base I hope to see the fans fight for this show, for what it is, for what it represents and for how it has helped so many people and changed their lives. Maybe a different network, a smarter one, can pick it up. Do you hear the fans calling, Netflix? Perhaps the current hosts of the show can come together and create their own Youtube channel. Only time will tell. I call upon the fans to fight for this show! Let your voices be heard!

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