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Guess Who Is Back?!?

Jenna is back! For those of you following, you already know that I’ve been down with Covid. I was recently retested after being quarantined for two weeks. Trying to patiently wait for the result! It’s nerve wracking waiting for an e-mail that says whether you test positive or negative for Covid. When I originally got the positive result via e-mail it was as if I just got notified of having another life threatening disease. Tears struck and all I could think of was my Mother. Second thought was “Why me?“. For a list of some of my symptoms check out the Covid Care post.

Incase you didn’t already know… Covid is NOT fun to go through! It is a mental, physical and financial struggle. Please do the right thing and social distance, vaccinated or not. Don’t forget to wear a mask, covering your mouth and nose!

I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to keep the blog updated. On the bright side, no matter what my pending result is from the retest, I can at least sit up and type away on the keys!

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